What is Grafana?

Software Development

An open-source, multi-platform web application for information visualization, observation, and examination is called Grafana. Regardless of where your metrics are kept, it enables you to query, display, create alerts, and examine them. It gives you the resources to develop graphs and visualizations applying the data from your time series information base.



This platform can be used in different ways:

  • A debugging tool.
  • For online applications.
  • A business intelligence instrument.

Clients of Grafana may build boards with panels that each show particular metrics for a predetermined amount of time. Thanks to the flexibility, each dashboard may be tailored for each unique project or any development and commercial demands. Grafana is a crucial element of the monitoring system for internal and external plans. This program is open source and has a sizable and vibrant development community. The key benefit for the customer is versatility; it supports numerous information sources and enables the simple board and panel customization.

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