What is .NET Core?

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.NET Core

.NET Core is a Microsoft framework. It supports multiple programming languages, libraries, and scripts. The platform is distributed under a public license, and open source provides flexible development options. .NET Core is suitable for different operating systems.

The framework is used to develop various mobile and cloud technologies, implement machine learning tools, games, and more. .NET Core is an efficient framework with the following features:

  • This platform opens up vast opportunities for cross-platform development and integration with other services.
  • If you need to develop services within a single project, then the platform is ideal for these tasks.
  • .NET Core is suitable for developing command-line applications, providing high data processing speed.

.NET Core is a framework that has been developed from the ground up. It is characterized by high speed, a fast and intuitive interface, and cross-platform properties. It supports functions to run programs. If necessary, you can use auxiliary packages for projects. Also, .NET Core helps optimize programs’ performance and reduce the load on the processor and memory.

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