What is ASP.NET?

Software Development

ASP.NET is a platform with an open-source code distributed under a public license. It serves to create different net applications and services operating the .NET platform. ASP.NET is a cross-platform technology that runs on many popular operating systems such as Windows or Linux.

ASP.NET expands the functionality of .NET technology with helper libraries and instruments. This technology has the following features:

  • Syntax of web page templates for dynamic development in real time.
  • A verification system that defines helper tools for setting up secure user authentication on web portals.
  • A basic structure for managing typical user requests.
  • Template libraries for mobile development.
  • Editor attachment for error checking and syntax tracking.

The ASP.NET technology operates its internal code that provides access to data. For development, you can utilize a wide range of ready-made plug-ins and design your libraries for communicating software components.

ASP.NET permits you to develop programs in several languages: Visual Basic, C#, and J#. Here you can implement the concept of caching, which simplifies the development process.

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