What is Xamarin Test Cloud?

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Xamarin Test Cloud

Xamarin Test Cloud is a powerful tool used to test multi-platform mobile applications developed in various programming languages. Tests are written in C#. They allow you to check the functioning of the interface and simulate typical user real-life actions.

This tool makes it possible to test standard user actions: rotations, scrolls, and zooms. After preparing test scenarios, they are sent to the cloud, after which they are running on various emulators. The main advantages of automated testing with Xamarin Test Cloud:

  • cost reduction in the development process;
  • fast adaptation to new functions and devices;
  • saving budget on maintaining a software product testing team;
  • the ability to use local simulators and emulators to test the scenario of user behavior;
  • any changes can be implemented immediately after errors are identified.

Xamarin Test Cloud is an indispensable tool in the mobile app development process because properly designed and functioning software guarantees the influx of new customers and business expansion.

The GlobalCloudTeam team has hands-on experience using Xamarin Test Cloud for mobile app testing. Experts will help you develop the best software solution for your clients. With us, you save time and get all the recommendations for implementing and further using the technology.


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