What is Docker OpenShift?

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Docker OpenShift

Docker OpenShift is a popular cloud technology used to work with containers. It acts with various cloud services – Google Cloud and AWS. This technology is used to develop corporate software and increase data processing speed.

Docker OpenShift allows you to use existing software solutions and integrate them with new projects without much effort. This guarantees high quality, safety, and speed of execution. Docker OpenShift is used as a virtual platform. There are such characteristics of technology:

  • the environment container is integrated with web interfaces for using containers and implementing projects
  • saving and transfer of data are carried out using cloud technologies
  • particular assistive technologies are used for orchestration
  • the functional units of the system are modeled using shell scripts

Docker OpenShift is a handy tool that can be used in enterprise programs. This software technology consists of all the required plugins for monitoring resources and the health of containers, allowing them to be used wisely.

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