What is PHP?

Software Development

PHP is a scripting programming language that developers actively use to create various websites and web applications. It is a general language with rich functionality. It helps to develop functions and implement an interface of any complexity.

PHP runs on the Zend engine. It is mainly used for developing web servers. It can be run via the command line or browser. There are such advantages of using PHP:

  • platform independence – the language can be used for development on different operating systems;
  • open source code allows everyone to develop software solutions, libraries, and frameworks;
  • easy synchronization with databases, allowing you to connect third-party data to resources;
  • an actively developing community provides recommendations on the use of popular features.

PHP is actively used for various services and platforms, offering multiple solutions. PHP is a powerful tool that can become a real core for large web platforms, allowing you to implement your tasks with minimal cost.

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